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  • What will I be wearing on date?
    I will wear feminine, sexy yet elegant attire that will be sure to turn heads.
  • How will you greet me?
    With a big smile and warm embrace.
  • How do you take your Donation?
    Please place the donation for my time in an envelope and place on a visible surface that I will notice immediately upon my arrival. If we are meeting in a public place then please place my donation inside a gift bag and pass to me discreetly.
  • What is your screening process?
    Pre-screening is non negotiable and takes up to 1-2 days. The information you provide me with is for my eyes only and will not be kept or stored once our date together has ended.
  • How much notice should I give you?
    Spontaneous is ok but prefer at least 3 days in advance
  • Is it really you in the pictures?
    The girl you see in the pictures will be the girl that you meet. My pictures were taken recently and I’m often told that I’m even better in person.
  • How discreet can you be?
    Discretion is just as important to me as I’m sure it is to you. Please lets both respect eachother's private lives and the boundaries of our mutually beneficial relationship.
  • I contacted you but did not receive a response, why not?
    I always respond to enquiries I consider to be genuine. If your email was very vague then I may not have taken you seriously. Emails that are vulgar or explicit in nature are immediately deleted.
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